A Creative and Professional Creative Professional

I excel in creating customer engagement through communication, content and community outreach. I especially love engaging and further developing customers from communities of which I'm already a part – when I can connect the dots of my extensive network, make the right introductions, get a diverse group of awesome people to the table, and enable cool ideas with an execution plan.

Currently working for Adobe Typekit, I've been lucky enough in my career to work with several different customer communities. I had the opportunities to produce an annual conference for an international group of creative professionals, develop a communications strategy for a typographic e-commerce site, launch a mid-size transit system into the realm of social media, get a change-averse area excited about bike racks on buses, build partnerships in biotech & pharma to support professional development, and build out a content network of career coaches before the word "blog" was a thing.

I'm enthusiastic about the powerful combination of new technologies and old-fashioned word-of-mouth, both professionally and personally, to make the world a better place myself and to inspire others to do the same. My studies at Marquette University in Public Relations, English Lit and Social Sciences empowered me with the ability to approach content and communications with a big picture understanding of how messages can be applied both through digital and in person experiences.

I strive to be involved in my own local community as well. I'm currently board of Walk San Francisco and have actively volunteered with the San Francisco Bike Coalition, San Francisco Design Week, my Burning Man camp, and other organizations.